process engineering

Powerful cooperation

Together with our Process Engineering partner, PROREC GmbH, we possess a high degree of expertise and many years‘ experience in process, energy, petrochemical, polymer and pharmaceutical applications and projects. We have designed and manufactured complex, turnkey projects ranging from R&D testing up to small pilot plants. Our know how does not just extend to customised autoclave based systems, but also includes the full range of fixed bed, trickle flow and fluidised bed reactors.

Industrial robotic systems

In addition our in house expertise in the design of industrial robotic systems allows us to design and integrate customised robot handling systems for synthesis and manufacturing applications into our laboratory and pilot scale units.

High safety standards

Our designs are built to the highest process and operator safety standards. CE conformity is provided where required. Hazard studies, HAZOP and functional safety assessments and risk analysis according to the machinery directive – DIN EN ISO 12100 - are carried out. Explosion and flammable hazard safety requirements including ATEX conformity are part of the design. Additional process and mechanical engineering design work is carried out with the help of validated industrial software, and can be provided on a case by case basis. Examples include:
  • Relief stream design - calculation of burst discs and relief valves
  • Design of vent and blowdown systems
  • Pressure drop calculations for single and multiphase flow in pipe networks
  • Heat exchanger design

Further information about our Process Engineering partner, PROREC GmbH, can be found here: