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Catalyst basket

Rotating catalyst basket

The rotating catalyst basket has two angled blade agitators directed against each other. The catalyst is pressed through the filter from the inside to the outside by the flow of the agitator blades. The catalyst basket can be easily dismantled from an agitator shaft and filled.


  • Dimensions: 32 x 100 mm
  • Volume for catalyst 10 ml
  • Fastening to the output shaft of the magnetic stirring system
  • Attached to an output shaft either ø 6 / 7 or 8 mm
  • Filter 0.2 mm in our example. Filter sizes are on request.
  • Two angled blade stirrers running against each other
  • The filters are each held in position by the inclined-blade stirrers (cover function)
  • Function: Gas is drawn in axially via the inclined-blade agitators and forced radially through the filters.
  • Materials WNr. 1.4435 and filter mesh 1.4404
  • Other materials and production sizes on request.