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Software ordino

Software for ordino

If control units ordino are extended via PC, the corresponding software comes into play. All important process variables are controlled and recorded by one or entire series of premex high-pressure reactors.


The elements that are controlled and displayed:

  • Alarm function
  • General functions such as ramp and alarm setting
  • Control for logging in (option)
  • Control of programme progress
  • Stirrer control
  • Temperature control
  • Temperature programme control (option)
  • Pressure display (option)
  • Flow measurement control (option)
  • Field with project-related information

Control environment of the ordino

The control units are connected to the high-pressure autoclave and the computer via the rear outputs. A specific user interface has been created for function control via the PC. To give you an impression and a feeling for the graphics, we present the main page of the screen display.