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Control unit DZA-8

The speed decrease is measured via a Hall sensor on the motor. A reed version is available at the customer's request, as the new standard provides for the Hall sensor - see type DZA-8/24 and DZA-8/48. Revolutions per minute of 0-1,200 with plain bearings and 0-1,300 with ball bearings are realised.


  • Function: Motor control, speed display, data readout
  • Two power categories: Type DZA-8/24= 24V/DC and DZA-8/48=48V/DC
  • Motor 24V/DC used with magnetic stirrers 20 Ncm resp. 48V/DC with 40-90 Ncm
  • Control of the DC motor via circuit board
  • Speed measurement via Hall sensor
  • Stepless regulation via potentiometer
  • Optimum speed for ball bearing 0-1'300 rpm resp. 1'200 rpm Plain bearing
  • Data readout 0-10 V or 4-20 mA
  • Connection 230V/50 Hz with main fuse 6.3A
  • Connection earth wire 10mm2
  • Suitable for the MRK: minisprint, minimaster, miniroyal, redsprint, redvoy, redclair, redjaro, redmagic

Whenever it turns ...

... it needs motor control. The magnetic stirrer drives of the mini and red lines, as well as the small autoclave andorra, are equipped with a micromotor. It can be easily controlled with the appropriate control unit type DZA-8/24 or DZA-8/48.

Article No TypeNcmDriveMotor powerOutputSpeed measurementExecutionDimensions LxWxH mm
131104 DZA-320-90Three-phase current370 W4-20mAReedFrequency converter325 x 257 x 168
131043 DZA-6/2420Micromotor24 V/DC4-20mAReedCircuit board325 x 257 x 168
131101 DZA-6/4840-90Micromotor48 V/DC4-20mAReedCircuit board325 x 257 x 168
131103 DZA-8/2420Micromotor24 V/DC4-20mAHall SensorCircuit board325 x 257 x 168
131102 DZA-8/4840-90Micromotor48 V/DC4-20mAHall SensorCircuit board325 x 257 x 168
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